Adriano Tavollassi

Diretor Ecommerce @ Tok&Stok

Adriano Di Bella Tavollassi, 41 years old, an advertiser graduated from FAAP, postgraduate degree in Business Administration from Mackenzie. He has 23 years of experience in Retail. He is currently at Tok Stok to lead and create the company’s ecommerce and digital area. He has solid experience in Retail and in the last 12 years he has specifically worked in Ecommerce operations and in the digital transformation of companies through Submarino, B2W, Fast Shop and Saraiva, structuring and executing the growth of the online channel, while at the same time working on the issue of multichannel in companies taking experiences from the online to the physical world and thus promoting the integration between the sales channels of the companies. In addition to the passages by the companies, Adriano also undertook and was founder of the sites of Eletroshopping (which was acquired by the Sales Machine), Baby and Shop2gether.