Camila Achutti

Co-Founder @ Mastertech and Ponte21

World reference in the fight for more women in technology. She won the Women of Vision 2015 award as the first Latina student to receive such honor. Founder of the blog Women in Computing, she spoke at a TEDx in a soccer stadium and traveled to Brazil teaching more than 15,000 young people to create applications from the Amazon to communities in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to being a digital influencer she is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Ponte21 and Mastertech. She is a Computer Scientist at heart and a Master in Science from IME – USP. She has worked with large companies such as Google, Intel, Accenture, Ita├║, Leroy Merlin, Renault, TIM and IBM. This all at the age of 26, guided by the dream of transforming the world. Maybe that’s why she was listed as one of 30 Under 30 young girls by Forbes magazine.