Jordan Hang

E-Commerce Coordinator @ Havan

With more than 10 years of experience in the digital marketing and e-commerce market, Jordan Hang is currently e-commerce coordinator for Havan, the most complete Department Store in Brazil. as a challenge to make e-commerce the main store of the network in billing.E-commerce is for the second year in a row growing more than 100%, compared to the previous year, which is the front of the department.
In 2017, he joined Havan’s Digital and Innovation team, whose primary goal is to improve the user experience in physical stores and connect to the online world. Currently Havan has 107 MegaLojas, in 15 states and an annual turnover of R $ 7 billion. By 2022 will be 200 MegaLojas, spread in all Brazilian states and a turnover of more than R $ 15 billion.