Karen Ludimila de Moraes

Co-owner & Creative Director @ Joulik

Co-owner & Creative Director of Joulik, Karen Moraes graduated in Fashion Design from Santa Marcelina College, postgraduate degree in Business Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas. JOULIK has in its hand embroidered pieces its trademark. The brand values any and all manual work and makes a point of encouraging the local workforce and producing its parts in Brazil, making each piece as special as who makes it and puts it on. In order to further ensure the exclusivity of its products, the UNIK line originated, numbered pieces and produced in limited quantity. The sisters, stylists and founders of the brand, propose timeless pieces with a strong influence of the art deco movement and with a rocker pinch and believe that embroidery need not only be synonymous with partying, but a reason to shine at any time of the day.