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Digital transformation is here

The market is constantly changing and VTEX DAY is trend-based immersion day to help the public gain insights, think outside the box and be part of the transformation to the omnichannel.

The difference of the event is talking to everyone, like big companies that already act, those who want to know how to unite the off with the online and the entrepreneur who seeks expansion. Covering different areas such as operations, marketing, IT, logistics to inspirational lectures for mind set change.

Your business needs to jump-start that experience.

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The biggest names in Brazil and the world have spoken on VTEX DAY.

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What to expect of VTEX DAY

√ Trends in multichannel sales and off and online integration

√ Cases of various market types

√ VTEX Releases

√ Stage with focus on SMB Entrepreneur

√ Exhibition area with state-of-the-art launches and solutions

√ Omnichannel’s Experience

√ Differential network moment with the Mix Session stage