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2019fri31may3:35 PM5:05 PMOmnichannel Training Session II - The Fashion Market in the Omnichannel era - Room 23:35 PM - 5:05 PM Conference AreaEvent Type 2:May 31 ingresso: BUY FAST PASS

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Learn from industry references how to structure and implement digital transformation in physical stores, building an integrated, seamless operation for the team and the end consumer. Understand the demands and practices that should be made and avoided in the roll-out of the operation focusing on strategy and logistics operation, store control and implementation in franchises. Deep dive in the cases of the Soma and Shoulder Group, being conducted by the managers of the operation, and Arezzo, being presented by the legal advice that led the case with success.

Speakers :Raissa Rotolo – Omnichannel Sales Director at VTEX and Thomas Low-beer – Projects at VTEX,

Guests: Alisson Calgaroto – Head of strategic projects at Soma Group , Ricardo Azevedo  Lawyer at COTS and Márcio Cots – Partner at COTS Advogados and Thábata Cesário – E-commerce Manager – Mr. Cat.

Target Audience:Retail managers and managers who have physical stores and wish to create an efficient and structured omnichannel operation, increasing purchasing power and strengthening the consumer relationship without compromising the health of the operation.



Speakers for this event

  • Márcio Cots

    Márcio Cots

    Partner at COTS Advogados

    Partner of COTS Advogados, an office specialized in Cyberlaw and Digital Business Law with headquarters in São Paulo. Brazilian Lawyer, European (PT) and member of the North American office CyberLawStudio PLLC, based in New York. Foreign consultant (outside Europe) of the Spanish office LetsLaw. Consultant invited by the Senate to discuss technical points of the General Law of Protection of Personal Data and author of the book General Law of Protection of Personal Data Commented - Editora Revista dos Tribunais, 2018. University professor of Law in the Digital environment in MBAs and international lecturer. Master in Law from FADISP, specialist in CyberLaw by HARVARD LAW SCHOOL - USA, with university extension in Information Technology Law, by FGV-EPGE. Member of the Harvard Faculty Club. Legal Advisor of the Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABCOMM) and Legal Director of the Brazilian Association of Internet of Things (ABINC). Author of several articles on the subject Right in the Digital environment and coauthor of book on the Civil Regulatory Framework of the Internet - Editora Atlas, 2014.

    Partner at COTS Advogados

  • Raíssa Rotolo

    Raíssa Rotolo

    Omnichannel Sales Director at VTEX

    Production Engineer at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro with an MBA in Marketing from the same institution, Raíssa is delighted to work in the technology market and with the prospect of impact that he has to bring to society. Since the launch of the solution, it has been working in the commercialization and business development of VTEX's Omnichannel solution, which is consolidated every day as a reference no more only for e-commerce and for the digitalization of retail as a whole

    Omnichannel Sales Director at VTEX

  • Ricardo Azevedo

    Ricardo Azevedo

    Lawyer at COTS Advogados

    Associate lawyer of COTS Advogados, Dr. Ricardo is Legal Manager and Legal Consultant of several companies in the Information Technology sector. Specialist in Tax Law by GVLAW / EDESP and Post-Specialization in Taxation of Technology and Intellectual Property Business by GVLAW / EDESP. Professor of Tax Planning of the Course of Strategic Management of Business by the Faculty of Informatics and Administration Paulista - FIAP. More than 20 years of experience in the areas of Consultative and Contentious in Tax Law, Labor, Contracts, and issues related to Innovation and Technology. Experience in projects of relevance to companies involving tax planning, reduction of tax and labor contingencies, implementation of new business and corporate restructuring.

    Lawyer at COTS Advogados

  • Thábata Cesário

    Thábata Cesário

    Ecommerce Manager at Mr Cat

    734/5000 Graduated in Marketing with specialization in E-commerce and Digital Marketing, Thábata Cesário has 14 years of experience in E-commerce, retail online and offline. He had 5 years of experience in E-commerce at Osklen and at age 17, in 2004, he implemented a 3D demonstration site for Companhia Industrial Cataguases products. Mr.Cat is currently the e-commerce manager of Mr.Cat and was responsible for creating the brand's online channel. It also created an application to solve the stock out of the physical stores, where it is possible to sell products online through the store itself and that now represent 10% of the sales of the channel. He recently was nominated for the "Best E-Commerce Professionals" award at ABCOMM in 2019.

    Ecommerce Manager at Mr Cat

  • Thomas Low-Beer

    Thomas Low-Beer

    Projects at VTEX

    Engineer and athlete. Over the past 7 years he has worked in startups, has been part of the Brazilian Olympic Team and has already founded his own company. Currently working in the area of VTEX Omnichannel Projects, implementing the VTEX vision of a more unified trade.


    Projects at VTEX


(Friday) 3:35 PM - 5:05 PM


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