04/12/22 and 04/13/2022
São Paulo Expo


Do you know that day when history is made?
The day that becomes THE day. The day that changes everything.
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Knowledge is transformation. As always, we welcome some of the top names from the world of business, technology, and entrepreneurship.

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Good experiences produce great opportunities. It’s time to meet new companies, people, and stories.

Take advantage of the numerous possibilities offered by VTEX DAY 2022 to expand your networking and start great businesses and partnerships.

192+ corporate exhibitors

50 + supporters

22k + people

190 + speakers

43k+ m² – SP EXPO

#2019 - Barack Obama
#2018 - Bruce Dickinson
#2019 - Maurício de Souza
#2019 - Steven Bartlett

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VTEX DAY consolidates South America as a forerunner of digital transformation in the international hub of major events. All VTEX partners, leading speakers and the large number of closed deals attract more and more participants from all over the world. If you are interested in technology, entrepreneurship, and market trends, you can rest assured: your place is here

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VTEX DAY is a valuable experience, with a high volume of circulation and the presence of strategic people and brands in the national and international markets. Year after year, we take pride on following an increasing number of closed and prospected businesses during the event.
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