VTEX DAY will take place on the 30th and 31st of May at the Sao Paulo EXPO. Address: Rodovia dos Imigrantes Km 1,5 – Click here to see it on Google Maps.

Are you going by car? Access to the EXPO is by Rodovia dos Imigrantes and Avenida dos Bandeirantes – Check the best way to get there on https://www.google.com/maps Will you be using public transport? The Sao Paulo EXPO is near the Jabaquara Metro station, Blue Line 01 of the Metro system. Several bus lines also have stops nearby. Find the best route on ">http://www.sptrans.com.br/itinerarios/

Yes, any change or adjustment can be made up to 3 days prior to VTEX DAY, through the menu, in the "My Tickets" option. Please note that only the person responsible for the purchase can make this type of change and/or adjustment. To make changes, simply log in to your account (https://vtexdaytickets.vtex.com/login?returnUrl=/account), select My Tickets from the menu and replace the buyer’s details so that your registration is cancelled and replaced with the new participant.

Yes, we will have a cloakroom and a locker area, each with an individual cost of R$ 15.00. It is worth remembering that on the 30th, entry with backpacks, large volumes and professional cameras will NOT be permitted before 2pm and that the cloakroom and lockers have limited space. We suggest that participants avoid bringing these items, thus facilitating their accreditation and reducing possible queues.

On May 30th, entry with backpacks, large volumes and professional cameras will NOT be allowed before 2pm. The cloakroom and lockers have limited space, so we suggest that participants avoid bringing these items, thus facilitating their accreditation and reducing possible queues. Due to the use of a metal detector for the entry of all participants, the following items will be allowed, with restrictions: non-perishable food for personal consumption, sealed in the original (not glass) packaging, up to 5 hygiene and personal care products (with a maximum of 200 milliliters each), drugs and personal medical equipment with medical prescription and CRM (Brazilian Regional Medical Council Registry) of the issuing physician. You will NOT be allowed to enter the event with: backpacks, suitcases, food and beverages (liquids and beverages, alcoholic or not, glass containers or objects), flammable, toxic or poisonous substances (chemicals and poison, any flammable liquid, illicit drugs), weapons and other objects (pliers, screwdrivers), hammers, firearms and toys guns, pocketknife, knives, razors, scissors), sports or transportation equipment (helmets, bicycles, skateboards, bats, rackets, oars, cues, among others), whistles, bugles, musical instruments, megaphones, flags and banners with mast, posters made with thick cardboard and/or fixed to wood, rigid straws, banners, laser pointers, paper rolls, newspapers, magazines, containers, professional cameras with interchangeable lenses and camcorders, chains, belts and pendants, sharp objects, sharp and/or perforating objects, fireworks, glass objects, animals (except guide dogs identified and accompanied by visually impaired people), selfie-sticks, umbrellas, inflammable, corrosive or toxic substances, magazines, newspapers and books.

You will not be allowed to film or photograph during President Barack Obama’s speech or any of the lectures in full. During the remainder of the event, photos, self-videos, video recording, small live-feeds, are allowed, preferably with the #VTEXDAY ;)

The Sao Paulo EXPO has a garage building run by a third-party, accommodating 4500 parking spaces. The cost amounts to R$ 50 (approx. U$ 12) for a car and R$ 30 (approx. U$ 8) for a motorcycle, valid for a 12-hour period and subject to availability.

The event does not provide free transportation.

Accreditation begins on May 30th at 08:00, while the first day of the event is schedule to last until 19:00. On the 31st of May, the event will last from 08:30 until 23:00, with the Mix Session bringing the event to an end.

MULTI: Grants access to the full two days of the event, including access to the Business Area, content rooms and closing ceremony. Participants to past editions may recall this type of ticket as EXPO and Conference ticket. VIP: The same as the above, but with a VIP event entrance, exclusive access to the VIP lounge and guaranteed premium seating for the opening ceremony and President Obama’s keynote address on May 30th.

VTEX DAY has various exhibition spaces, lecture rooms and workshop spaces. For security reason, each area or space has a maximum capacity limit, which is why we are unable to guarantee access to every lecture, workshop or exhibition space.

It’s a pass that can be added to the MULTI or VIP ticket, allowing the participant prior access and seat reservation to certain content sessions. The purchase of this pass can be done on the VTEX DAY site (https://vtexday.com/), by using the event agenda. The Fast Pass guarantees a participant’s entrance to the purchased session until 15 minutes prior to the start of that session, after which seating is no longer reserved. The purchase of the pass must be linked to an already purchased event ticket, the pass by itself cannot be used for accessing the event.

This ticket is exclusively available to Loja Integrada and Xtech clients that have exclusive benefits. Confer what your ticket includes: May 30th: EXPO Area, Keynote Arena with President Barack Obama’s lecture, VTEX team and the #BoraVender stage. May 31st: EXPO Area, #BoraVender stage, Tech Demo stage and the Closing Ceremony.

All purchased tickets are valid throughout both days of the event.

VTEX DAY does fall under Law No. 12.933, which considers special provisions for students and citizens attending cultural, artistic or sporting events (cinema, cine clubs, theatre, musical shows and educational events, sporting, leisure or entertainment events), according to Article 1 of this law. However, we have noticed an increased interest from students to participate in VTEX DAY, wanting to know more about the digital market segment. To this end, we have partnered with several universities to grant a 50% price reduction to students. Check with your university to see whether it has already partnered with us. In case it hasn’t, feel free to introduce us to your university in order to formalize an agreement.

Entry to minors is permitted only when accompanied by a legal guardian. Both must hold valid tickets for the event.

The ticket will only be delivered in a digital format to the registered email address. There are no hard copies.

You should write a request to financeirovtexday@vtex.com.br, including your order number. The invoice will be issued with the information provided at checkout. During checkout, you may also insert your company’s information. The invoice will only be issued after payment confirmation. Prior to this, the email containing your event participation confirmation serves as receipt. Kindly keep in mind that it is not possible to edit buyer data when issuing the invoice. In addition, please check your spam mail before placing the request.

Payment is possible either by corporate or personal credit card, or, for Brazilian bank account holder, by paying with “boleto” (a payment due for services rendered invoice). The “boleto” must be paid within 3 days of purchase, otherwise, it will be automatically cancelled. Payment by credit card can be split into 6 equal instalments, without interest fees.

Entering the legal entity details at the time of your purchase, you can generate a bank payment slip with the CNPJ (taxpayer identification number) of your company.

We have an exclusive 35% discount coupon for groups of more than 10 people. For groups over 50 people we have an exclusive discount of 40%. You must send an email to financeirovtexday@vtex.com.br with your request, informing the number of tickets and also the information of the company responsible for payment.

The participant must show the confirmation e-mail with the order number and a photo ID document at the entrance of the event.

Upon accreditation, you will receive your credential and Fast Pass identification, if applicable, according to the category you purchased.

We will have translation from English to Portuguese and from Portuguese to English. Translation to sign language will also be available.

In full compliance with the laws and with respect to the customers, in accordance with Article 49 of the Consumer Protection Code, the cancellation of an order and respective reimbursement of the amount paid is guaranteed for those who purchased tickets online and cancelled within seven days from the date of purchase, provided that this period does not exceed 7 business days prior to the event. The cancellation of the order must be requested during business hours, from Monday to Friday by e-mail at financeirovtexday@vtex.com.br. The following details must be included: full name, e-mail address and order number. The requests will be analyzed, processed and answered within 5 working days. Requests sent after 6 p.m. will be considered as received on the next business day after submission. Reimbursement of payments made by credit card is sent to the consumer's credit card issuing bank, within 7 business days from the date of receiving the cancellation request. The refund of the amount by the card issuing bank to the consumer is the sole responsibility of the former, being carried out according to its criteria and deadlines. In case of doubt concerning the refund of credit on the card bill, contact the card issuing bank directly. Payments via bank payment slip will be refunded by bank deposit to the specified account, within 15 business days from the date of processing.

We do not charge any service fee.

If you haven't received your confirmation email with your ticket, check the status of your ticket by accessing the following link - https://vtexdaytickets.vtex.com/ticket-status You can also access My Account, available on the website and find out more details about your ticket.

We will have a food court with several food trucks and restaurants, as well as options for cafes and desserts. The food is not included in the ticket price.

For more information on how to sponsor or become a partner at our event, contact us at contatovtexday@vtex.com.br

The event schedule is available on our website at vtexday.com/agenda and on our app, available for IOS - https://apple.co/2Xz1B1P or Android - http://bit.ly/2PoKlcI

Any change of the participant's information can only be made by the person responsible for the purchase. This person must log in to the ticket website and edit the information. In case of change of ownership of the participant, an email will be sent to the previously registered participant informing that they are no longer registered. The permission to change will be available until 48 hours before the start of the event.

You can send your questions and queries to vtexday@vianews.com.br. Your request for accreditation for the event can also be made on our hot site at https://vtexday.vtex.com/assessoria/

We will have an exclusive discount with Cabify for the duration of VTEX DAY. Stay tuned to our social networks as we'll release the coupon soon.

Check for details with the university where you study, and see if it already has a partnership with us. Otherwise, feel free to introduce us to your university to formalize this partnership.

To request your certificate, simply send an email to contatovtexday@vtex.com.br with your full name, e-mail address used in the registration and CPF (Brazilian Individual Taxpayer Registry). The deadline for sending requests is up to 30 days after the event.

The discount coupon must be applied in the "Add discount coupon" field located immediately after the participant’s details.